Caw Blade deck #1

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Caw Blade deck #1

Post  Jason-admin on Thu Sep 08, 2011 1:45 pm

here is one of the two decks im thinking of taking to the GPT

Creatures: 11
3 kitchen finks
4 stoneforge mystic
3 verdilliion clique

planeswalkers: 2
1 elspeth, knight errant
1 jace, the mind sculpter

spells: 22
4 preordain
1 sword of feast and famine
1 sword of war and peace
2 Day of judgement
4 cryptic command
4 mana leak
1 spell pierce
4 path to exile
2 oblivion ring

lands: 25
4 seachrome coast
4 celestial colanade
4 inkmoth nexus (not paying 40$ / manvault lol)
3 mystic gate
1 glacial fortress
4 plains
5 island

3 war priest of thurn (faries, scapeshift, mirror)
1 kitchen finks (rdw, naya, bant)
1 batterskull (aggro decks in general)
2 spell pierce (faries, mirror, scapeshift)
2 kor firewalker (rdw)
4 timely reinforcements (rdw)
1 sword of body and mind (faries, twin)
1 day of judgement (naya, bant, etc)

SB not sure i like, but we will see, the RDW only cards prolly wont make the cut.

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