so undecided!!!!

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so undecided!!!!

Post  Jason-admin on Mon Dec 12, 2011 1:31 pm

so for the first time in awhile, im super split on the deck i should be playing for serious competitive play =/. so ima just pust my "best decks" and let you guys help me debate it out. i'll list the str and weakness of each deck.

First deck: Solar Flare
STR - has answer to everything, plays the mid-long game better than any deck.
weak - fast aggro, can stumble on mana in the first few turns, dies to rdw

list if i wear to play it at the 1k/gpt:

Creatures: 10
2 sun titan
2 phantasmal image
1 elesh norn
3 snapcaster mage
2 consecrated sphinx

planeswalkers: 3
2 liliana of the veil
1 gideon jura

1 batter skull
4 forbidden alchemy
3 doom blade
2 day of judgment
2 unburial rites
2 oblivion ring
4 mana leak
2 dissipate
1 think twice

lands: 27
4 seachrome coast
3 darkslick shores
4 swamps
4 plains
2 islands
2 glacial fortress
3 downed catacombs
3 isolated citadel
2 qhost quarter

61 cards md ;/

1 batterskull
1 gideon jura
3 timely reinfocements
2 celestial purge
2 dead weight
2 dissipate
2 drownyard
2 revoke exisistence

thats list one, obvious its my most played deck atm, but still brewing for saturday/fnm testing.

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