WOOT 1st Sanctioned Extended Tournament!!!!

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WOOT 1st Sanctioned Extended Tournament!!!!

Post  Jason-admin on Sun Apr 10, 2011 1:50 am

Sweet guys, so we finally hit a full 8 people for our extended day which meant we got to give out prizes and we were sanctioned by DCI!!!. We had some really cool decks out tonight, ooze let its ugly head out, a nasty wolf deck, merfolk, naya, jund, and a sweet artifact deck. along with a pair of vampires.

our top 4 were:
1. Jason Gulevich - Jund
2. Andy Blea - Naya
3. Nate Pulson (for you) - esper artifacts
4. Amanda Brow - Pack Attack ( i named it).

prize pool was 4 -2 - 1- 1. Congratz to all of you guys, and nice job amanda with the wolf deck and making the changes suggested on this site to ride to victory! See you all friday. lol!

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