return to my strength

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return to my strength

Post  Jason-admin on Wed Dec 28, 2011 12:42 pm i've been thinking of playing either my homebrew u/b deck which nate has been playing with pretty good success; but, i started thinking what is my best strenght as a mtg player. The answer to that has always been: playing the best deck and finding new ways within that deck to attack my metagame. So while i believe G/R wolf Run to be the strongest deck in the format, i no longer own the titans. So my second best deck would be solar flare. So this is the deck im gonna test for the FNM/GPT/concord events. if this doesn't work out i'll prolly play haunted humans as it is a nice powerful deck.

Creatures: 8
3 sun titan
2 phantsmal image
1 elesh norn
2 snapcaster mage

planeswalkers: 2
2 liliana of the veil

spells: 24
2 batterskull
4 think twice
4 forbidden alchemy
3 doom blade
3 oblivon ring
3 mana leak
3 day of judgment
2 unburial rites

3 timely reinforcements
3 celestial purge
1 batterskull
1 liliana of the veil
2 nihil spell bomb
1 surgical extraction
3 gut shot
1 White sun's zenith

also if you've been apart, my dad is doing well and was moved out of critical icu monday. and doctors are saying that he will have a full recovery. thank you all for your prayers and help. hope to see you all today or tomorrow.

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Re: return to my strength

Post  Taco on Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:50 pm

DUDE! nice for your dad bro. and i think solar flare is your strong suit just role with it. now tommorow i ahve to find my strong suit for Ub control any tips? going to be testing all day tommorow


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